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Lifting Up Our Offspring

Nikola Tesla

Greek mythology giant, Orion, carrying his servant Cedalion on his shoulders.   “If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” – Isaac Newton “I don’t care that they stole my idea, I care that they don’t have any of there own” – Nikola Tesla A Swedish businessman doing business …

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Desert Oasis Jewel

Desert Mtn LV

The idea of a desert wetland preserve in Las Vegas, NV was intriguing to me. So I rounded up the family, herded them into the rented covered wagon and headed to the edge of town. I ran a short reconnaissance run to see what the terrain was like. I wasn’t disappointed and it seem short …

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Candles in the Rain and Gardens in the Sky


What does 9/11, my job, candles in the rain and three tomatoes have in common? Not much to anyone but me, at the moment. Yesterday among the commemorations of 9/11, was the re-opening of the World Trade Center. I was struck by how different from the original plans, the final structure of the World Trade …

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Bele Chere’s Beautiful Living is No More

Bele Chere Fallen Star

  Bele Chere, Scottish for Beautiful Living was a free music and arts festival in Asheville, NC. Hundreds of musicians would play music from 10 or more stages spread though out the town. Some were famous, many were new and just starting out; all were enjoyable. Asheville is also home to some of the best …

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Hair Jewelry

Hair Jewerly

Ever watch a period movie from China and marvel at the hair styles worn by the characters in the movie? Visit the links below to see and read about their importance in Chinese life through the ages. I used to make glass hair sticks, in which I took some pride and care in making, but …

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Fuzi Miao Canal Ride

Canal Boats and JH

So often people don’t go to see the attractions in the towns, cities and areas they live in.  There is always enough time to visit them when conditions are just right.  Fuzi Miao Canal in Nanjing, China was like that for me.  Even though I had been to Fuzi Miao many times because it is also …

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The Incredible Shrinking Earth

Shrinking World

  It’s a small world and getting smaller, in as many ways, as you can think of. She need loving care! I recently saw a photo of a little dot of of a planet, With an even smaller shadow of a moon orbiting around her, Mother and child! What a beautiful pair, The Earth and …

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Small Garden in the Sky

Clover like plant flowers

I have a garden in the sky. I live 5 stories up and like to grow vegetables. So every day I tend to my small patch of airspace, but no matter how carefully I care for my little farm, by watering and spraying the plants everyday, one medium heavy rainstorm can make them looks ten …

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Insights Into the Future By Remebering the Past


A while back I was researching some things about my hometown St Louis, Mo. St Louis was once also known as Mound City, because a prehistoric people had settled it and built large earthen mounds throughout the area. Not much is known of these people for sure; how their civilization grew, how they organized their society, …

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Watching Lushan Waterfall


  望 庐山 瀑布- 李白 日照香炉生紫烟,遥看瀑不布挂前川。 飞流值下三千尺, 疑是银河落九天。 Wàng Lúshān Pùbù- Lǐ Bái Rìzhào xiānglú shēng zǐ yān,Yáo kàn pù bù bù guà qiánchuān. Fēi liú zhí xià sānqiān chǐ, Yí shì yínhé luò jiǔtiān. Watching Lushan Waterfall  -  Li Bai Purple mist rises like incense from the sunshine, Waterfall’s fabric drapes from its remote …

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